Monday, September 24, 2007

Clouds on a Sunny Day

There has been a clingy cloud over Colin, Heather and I today as we have tried to launch the new week of school.

It's Monday and we've been having a terrible time of it. We feel half asleep and fully discouraged. I don't know why we're having such a hard time today but I'm telling you, we are some sorry looking home schoolers. The kids did a great week of work last week, but today has landed with a thud and we are total duds.

I know Colin was really struggling with missing his brothers last night. I know I'm really discouraged about finances. I know Heather needs to grow in some of the fruits of the Spirit. (Come to think of it, I do too.) I know we all need to be more disciplined.

Colin only has English to go now and Heather has been let out of science early. Soon all books will be closed for the day.

The reality is that the sky is blue and we are healthy. I need to shift my focus.

Here's are a few things I'm happy about:

1. The air coming through our open door and windows is warm
2. The shade of green on two walls in our living room is really nice
3. Skype works most of the time
4. I have a cute dog
5. We have never run out of food or slept on the street
6. My husband thinks I'm great
7. I think my husband is great
8. Wild Hopes will throw a party for our soccer team tomorrow night
9. Byron is at lunch with our wonderful Tanzanian co-worker, Philemon
10. We get to join hands with good people and see good things go forward here


Jenelle said...

#6 and #7 make me smile.

We need to find you some new and improved defragging techniques. Nacho Libre isn't doin it anymore. But I like your happy list.

lisa said...

Speaking of Nacho, today in Heather's history class she asked me what a monk was. As I described a monk she interrupted to say, "Like Nacho!"

A fine a definition of a monk as ever there was :-)

Jenelle said...

You might want to write to those nice people at Abeka and let them know they could use that as an illustration.

Sue said...

Really, Lisa, drop the books the very next time it feels so bad...the freedom of HS. Your list making was wise and I think what we are called to do. ever we can find it. I need to remember to make lists when my lovely ones are choosing to grumble over the most silly "selfishnesses". Mostly I want to set them straight...actually I can leave that up to one of their siblings if I pause with patience.
Last night we were priveleged to have Galaxy tickets once again, watched them win 2-1 over Dallas, and even got a glimpse of the ever popular David Beckham(his injured ankle is keeping him off the field). Yet, still had to remind those in our car that they should be grateful we had $ to buy tickets even though we didn't buy any junk food. We forget to enjoy simple pleasures when all around us we are encouraged to indulge beyond our means.
Glad your beautiful wedding couple did not need to browse through our USA wedding magazines and long for what they could not have.

- strange how we as moms know just what fruit of the Spirit our children are lacking...and we find it lacking in us as well. Drat that transparency...leaves me discouraged. Guess it is a reminder of our own need for His daily bread. I love bread!! I will remember to long for his each day.
Love you!
Wishing you fresh happiness today.

Brian said...

your skype works better than mine or billy's!

Shelley said...

I remember when we were in Poland, our team leaders were in Portugal for the Leadership thing and must have shared some of my struggles with you. You sent them home with a gift for me...a yellow candle as a little "sunshine" for me. I still have it, it reminds me of you and your sweet family and I pray for you when I see it. I wish I could send you a little yellow candle today...
Big hugs, Shelley