Sunday, October 28, 2007

God Paints

God paints with passion and colors like I can't even dream of.

He paints and paints and paints his heart out. The whole expanse of the sky is filled up with his imaginings.

He swirls the colors and gets them just right as they slide to different shades under his hand.

And then it goes all inky dark.

"That was fun," he must remark.

(Photo taken as we drove home yesterday evening from the Tarangire National Park. We were zooming along at a good clip and I had to roll down the window and get blown wildly as I turned around in my seat, cramped somewhat by my seatbelt, and pointed the lens at the masterpiece behind us.)


Carrie said...

Stunning! A master artist indeed! How I miss the African sunsets. Thank you for posting that.

a girl who collects shells said...

I like that you are noticing beauty full things.
Like sunsets, and human beings, &being alive.

Brian said...

what a beautiful sunset, we find the same here:

Clouds always make the light more beautiful.

a bit like life really