Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Matunda (aka "Everybody Mango!")

We had friends round for lunch today and I asked Byron in the morning if he could stop and get me "a little fruit". (I was thinking a couple of mangos.)

I think he got really excited that mangos are back in season :-)

The rest of it we'll chalk up to the fact that when the little grandmas at the fruit stand start pushing fruit into his hands, he can't say no.

We will enjoy it but I wish Byron's Dad could be here to enjoy it with us. I know that's where Byron gets his fruit-love :-)


Jenelle said...

Everybody Mango! Don't let them rot. That's a bore.

lisa said...

We're eating them hand-over-fist :-)

Jenelle said...

Everybody should dance while they eat mango. It should be a global rule.