Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Following on from Jenelle...

Inspired by The Nelly

I am a hoper and a dreamer

I am The Soup Queen

I am one who sings hymns (alone, very loudly in the kitchen)

I am convinced Jesus likes us more than we think

I am sure God enjoys a good friendship as much as I do

I am very strong and very weak

I am thinking that there are some things I'll never get done (but I'll try for them anyway)

I am aware of a lot of suffering

I am certain of reasons for joy

I am living with my eyes open

What are you? Psst, pass it on...


Jenelle said...

Eyes wide open! I really like you. I'm happy you passed it on.

Sue said...

Here goes Sue, grateful for another good thing from Nelly:

I am sad at injustice but always surprised when it happens.

I am one who would rather do life than plan it.

I love being with people who sincerely love God and also them selves.

I like to cook in my huge pot for many people to eat.

I am learning it is not all about me, but slowly.

I still think if I just enlighten someone with my wisdom that they will get it. Silly me!

I am one who loves the tingly feeling the Holy Spirit stirs within me when I sense His power.

I am 46 and love being loved by my man!

I am grateful to know joy comes from being grateful not the other way around.

I am an encourager, one who wants to inspire hope in all things.

I am in awe that we get to see Jesus in real life people that we can touch, cry with, laugh with, and dream with.