Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pepi Has a Cute Face

This is Pepi, a 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier who has just moved in with us. He packed light, bringing only a bowl.

Pepi's owner is returning to the States after about 40 years in East Africa. Here's something wild: his owner and her husband built the very first house that Byron's family moved into in Kenya in 1964!!

This move must be quite difficult in so many ways for Pepi's friend. I suppose there are things that she does look forward to, though.

I hope that we can make it a little easier by providing a nice home for Pepi.

FYI: The Pepster has attached himself to Byron. After Byron left on the motorcycle this morning, Pepi stood at the gate and howled. I went out and told him that I'm nice too. I hope he believes me.


JB said...

wow! he is a lot more beautiful then i expected! i like his face much!
too bad hes got that tail...
ah well....see you in 4 weeks!!!!!

lisa, your mum said...

And it's 10:43pm but he just snuck into the house and found me in the office skyping with Auntie Tanya so he is now asleep at my feet. I don't even know how he got in but he's going to be sad when I take him back out!

Dore' said...

Pepi is very handsome. So glad you are giving him a home. I hope Charlotte likes him, too.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Sending love, Dore'

Jenelle said...

You've got an affectionate Afri-Italian dog named Pepi! That makes me happy!