Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We Interrupt This Program...

To say...

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Byron's Birthday! He's 48 today, Thursday, 22 November! I remember sitting in the DC at Westmont talking with him just a few days before he turned 21. I was really hoping he might start to like me :-)

We'll be on the road for a while now, making the long journey to the north of Tanzania. We are helping out with some stuff up there.

Should be back by next Wednesday the 28th. We'll see...

Happy trails!


cxp said...

ieyiey!! Hope u had a great day!!!
Miss u my dear family ;).

Dore' said...

Happy Birthday Byron!
I remember you when you were 21, too! You and Lisa both look the same. Seriously!!!
Much love, Dore'

Sue said...

Happy 48th! Glad for you to be celebrating in the land you most want to be in. Glad for you to have Lisa in your life. Glad that Dan and I get to know you, our incredibly humble, honest, faithful to your heart's passions, friend that you are!!
Blessings to you this new year of life.
Sue and Dan

byro said...

Thanks everybody for the all the B-day greetings! We drove over the Ngorongoro crater and sat on the deck of a hotel and looked over its vastness. Then we skirted the edge of the serengeti before getting to our destination Loliondo. What Beauty!!--byro