Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Africa is Good for Me

I'm back home after my medical-run to the big, bad city of Nairobi.

As the shuttle chugged through the traffic-choked streets, I found myself thinking about how much I don't like that town. But I had a little change of heart once I was on foot. Walking along the busy streets, I greeted street vendors and chatted with ladies running fruit stands. I noticed how pretty the trees looked in their blossomy veils, and how white the clouds were against the bright blue sky.

Yea, I think Africa is better when you're out of the car.

The lady at Nairobi Hospital (where both Trevor and Heather were born) who did the mammogram said something very interesting during our time together. The fibroid and cyst concerns that I have experienced in the past were not present.

"Those issues will have cleared up because you've moved back to Africa," she said.

I must have looked at her a little quizzically because she elaborated.

"You'll have left a lot of stress behind in the West. The stress and pace there make people eat chocolate and drink coffee to cope. Here, the stress and chocolates are less and so you've cleared up."

She's right, you know. It's not that life is easy in Africa. It is challenging in many ways on many levels and the issues that weigh upon this continent are huge, gnarly and complicated. But we don't keep a manic schedule and we eat simpler, cleaner, fresher foods.

I'm happy about that.

Photo by Jesse Borden


Sue said...

We three(Ali, Emily, and myself) are happy about all of this for you. Interesting matter of fact info the kind lady gave you. Let us all soak in it and figure out how to live simplier lives in a busy place. It works for Carol Klein! She rides her bike faithfully even when going out 10 miles to meet friends, and then back again. She is a picture of joy, health, and beauty as she gives thanks for her word of complete remission from cancer. A beautiful face with 3/4 inch hair and joy from her overflowing choice of gratitude in all things!!
Love you, Lisa!

JB said...

oh africa!

Anonymous said...

nice one Mrs B...over the last few years most of the main touches of God or innner healings have come through Africans if not africa itself....though i think peace anywhere is a healing thing.

Jenelle said...

There is lots of good news in this post. I like your good words. I like that Africa has you.

lisa said...

Sue, it's SUCH good news about Carol. What a wonderful example she is to all of us!

JB, soon and very soon!

Steve, I think particularly westerners find healing in the big, God-spaces of Africa. The spaces combined with the hearts of the people over power you.

Nelly-bean, yes, Good News!

Lacey said...

awe. That is OlDonyo Lengai and now I am very homesick. :0(

lisa said...

Lacey, pole sana for the homesickness :-( It took me about 3 years in Europe before I could look at our photos of Africa without crying.