Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Great Mosquito Trap (or Ahh...The Weekend)

We have a nice big mosquito net that we close every afternoon to cover our bed before the night. It works pretty well, (most of the time.)

But there are nights (like the last two) when it convolutes itself into doing the exact opposite of what it should do. Rather than keeping us free from the mozzies, it just traps them in with us at close range. It's maddening! Yesterday morning we killed 6 (!) inside our supposed safe zone. No wonder my arms and hands were itching in the night. And this morning we killed 3 more.

I'm on a rampage now. If you are a mosquito that hides under my bed all day and then floats up to get me in the night, your time is up!

Besides the mozzie war, it's a good weekend ahead of us. Byron is looking fresher after last week's many visits in government offices. As I mentioned, we were helping a colleague with some hassles so it was in and out of the District Commissioner's office, in and out of the Chief of Police office, and in and out of heavy conversations and confrontations.

The beauty, as seen in the photos from the post below, was a good balance to the work of last week. But it's nice to have the weekend now.


Naisoi said...

Amazing how something so small can cause so much discomfort and sleeplessness. That hum buzzes in your ears for hours mocking your wakefulness. Best of luck as you exterminate!

Anonymous said...

Hey,YOu didn't tell me it was that bad. Shall we cancel our trip this week?

Boy, oh boy, nothing I hate more that mosquitos. So I'll have to spray on deet every day and night. You likely won't get it off our sheets.

Guess who, from 725 in Pasadena