Sunday, December 02, 2007

Africa Wounded

Yesterday was World AIDS Day.

Yesterday a baby girl of 11 months old died in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She died of internal injuries because she had been raped the day before.

Everyone is saying that we still need better prevention (which I assume includes many, many things) and better treatment for AIDS, most especially in struggling countires like those that cover this continent.

They are right, of course.

But there is something much deeper and more basic needed. A gaping wound of violence needs to cleansed, closed and healed.

Standing on that healing, prevention and treatment will make headway. Or maybe they all come simultaneously, I don't know. But they won't come if one of them is not addressed.

I don't know how to help.

Prince of Peace, please come.


gypsymelodies said...

He has come for you at last / to restore your broken dreams / darkness cannot hold what the sun has already claimed

Prince of Peace, come.

Jenelle said...

This knocked the wind out of me. Like the days on the playground when I'd try to play tackle football with the boys, and I'd get knocked down for trying.

Teach us how to forgive the nightmarish acts, Lord.

Sarah said...

When I read your post Lisa, the old Gospel song came immediately to my heart and mouth,
"Jesus is The Answer For The World Today" . . .
This world is a terrible place in need of a wonderful Saviour.

jesse said...

we've got our beliefs/
but we dont want our beliefs/
god of peace we want you!

rayefrenzy said...
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Whitney said...

That is heart hurts.
How can such a thing happen? =(

Anonymous said...

Reading this, I cry for Africa.

You are there, Lisa, showing acts of love and kindness every day. I believe that helps.

Love Nina (N Ireland)

Pam said...

my words exactly. I am breathless.

Dore' said...

This is so sad and so sickeningly horrible. I hope the man who did this unspeakably heinous, evil act to the poor baby was arrested so he won't ever have the opportunity to do it again. I am glad to pray for his salvation but I want him at least behind bars for the rest of his life.

lisa said...

Rape is a widespread occurence in Africa. It is so common that the vast majority of cases are not even reported. War crime, domestic crime, regular crime. In this case, the man is being detained and faces a life sentence.

But I just read that a baby in Pittsburgh died last month of the same thing. The live-in boyfriend of the mother...

I get the Jars of Clay song, Oh My God, in my head.

Dore' said...

I was going to say that this happens plenty right here in the US and the rest of the world, actually-no question. It is certainly a problem of rampant evil in the human heart.
Lord have mercy.