Thursday, November 29, 2007

Images On The Way... (A Little Photo Journal from Tanzania)

As promised, a few photos from our recent trip to the northern highlands of Tanzania... Click on any photo that you would like to see larger.

Early on the 22nd we came across 5 elephants in open land outside of the game parks. They were moving along slowly, probably heading to Lake Manyara. Seeing them was a good birthday gift for Byron. They had big tusks :-) This one didn't want his photo taken.

We stopped and bought yellow and red bananas. I later regretted not buying a hat for Trevor!

We sat on the rim of the famous Ngorongoro Crater and toasted Byron's 48th with cold sodas before driving on to Loliondo.

We spent one night at Andre's camp in Loita (and heard elephants trumpeting as they passed close to us in the night.) Thanks for the neat tent, Masons!

I always cry when we get to Loita. The kids grew up playing in this stream. Wouldn't you cry?

I took my morning bath in this shallow pool below Andre's camp. There are hot springs that feed this stream and the water wasn't cold at all.

This is our Maasai Mum, Ngoto Milai. She has been close to our family for 17 years.

I took this photo for Carly Jane. Car, this is the same tree we ate our breakfast under in July. You made us look up and close one eye so that our vision went two dimensional and we talked about how cool God is to make this lace.

Sometimes the kids ride on the roof for a while. A 360 degree view of Africa is a fine thing.

The mountain had just puffed out a cloud of smoke but I missed it. The light grey color down the right side is new lava flow since we camped here last summer.


Sue said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Lovely to see a picture of Ngoto again.
Grateful for your precious stream memories, sweet Lisa!

JohnL said...

I agree with Sue, it's good to see Ngoto. It brings back good memories.

Belated Happy Birthday Byro! You're still the man.

Jenelle said...

I love the photo of you and your Maasai mama. And that crazy one of your children on the roof of your car. I like you people. Way crazier than I was ever allowed to be as a kid.

I met a boy from Nairobi last night at the bowling alley. And then another gal who was in Arusha this summer with YWAM! They are some of my lovely new Fuller friends. Yay!

Baba said...
who needs more words ...
miss you all much !!!
Love you the same...
P.S- you should post more pictures, or have a flicker link on your blog :-)

lisa said...

Thanks, Sue and John :-)

Jenelle, funny that you met someone there from here. And Baba is in Portugal looking at these photos of this place. And tonight Byron is in Nairobi and HE met people from Europe that Baba knows! Weirdo world!

Baba, Byron met some people who know you and Emma. I believe they are Jonathan and Hannah??

baba said...

no is not jonathan and Hanne, these are germans...the ones who are in Nairobi are Hanna and her new husband...Hanna is one of Emma's best friend...she asked me for your contact there few weeks ago...I thought I told you...I'm glad she met Byron...she's amazing woman, and she wants to make lots of stuff with fair trade clothes...but I'm sure Byron will here all about it... she's on my links list...

Love you

lisa said...

oh ok, I was guessing on the names because we just got an email from jonathan saying "nice to meet you and here is hannah's email address" so i figured that must be who byron met a little while ago in nairobi. but as he's not here, he's THERE, i don't really know :-)

Naisoi said...

Photos of Ngoto Milai and that stream all in one post took my breath and out sprang the tears! So many memories of playing with Sean & Jennifer Wells in that stream and serving chai to Ngoto Milai in our home. Thanks for posting those photos, Lisa!