Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Returning to Our Regular Program...

We're home after our week in the (beautiful) northern highlands of Tanzania. The nature of our trip was hard to describe. We have a dear friend who was/is dealing with a crisis and basically just needed us around. This friend does good work that we believe in. Byron did a lot of running around, helping to attend to things there. I'm glad we could go. It's good to ruck.

However, the most important thing about today is not that we are home. No, the really important thing is that it's Trevor's 18th birthday. Happy Birthday, way over there in California, Trev. We miss you!

I will not write more now. You have no idea how good my bed is looking after a week of sleeping on the ground or the floor :-)

I promise you nice photos soon.

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Sue said...

I remember how much joy it brought Kenz and Becca to bless you with a homemade birthday cake last year and I can only imagine the joy of your new found and already established friends in SB going all out to celebrate your LIFE with you today!
Blessings on your beautiful smiling face and all the places it takes you!!
Love from all the Kleins

And, I might add, glad for you, Lisa and Byron, to be back home safely. Trust the sweet Jesus came through on all the details.