Thursday, November 15, 2007

Waves of Rain

It's late and I need to climb into bed. The rain has started up, making me wonder what our safari day will be like as we take visitors to the game park tomorrow.

The rain here comes in waves. It starts and I hear it on the roof as a low, steady rumble. But then it build and builds and oh, great big waves of rain come crashing, roaring over the house.

It makes the house so wonderful, all cozy and safe like an ark.

The smell of the rain is something I can't describe. I have always wished I could taste that smell.


Carrie said...

How lovely that it's raining! You're right about the smell! I do remember as a little girl hearing the rain in Africa and dreading the thought of getting in a car to go on any safari. It makes the journey take longer for sure!

Sue said...

smell of rain...such a delight! May your river crossing rover do well in it all!

JB said...

man i love you mom!
no seriously! i love you a LOT!

lisa said...

and as it turned out, our roads were dry all day! it was a beautiful outing under an ever changing sky of amazing clouds :-)