Sunday, January 13, 2008

Round Here: A Photo Journal from Recent Days

Just to give you a few visuals from our Christmas break here in Tanzania... Remember that you can click on any image you would like to see larger.

Is there anything like the African sky? Correct Answer: No. (Photo by Jesse)

Some Borden and some Russell Boys. This band of brothers (Jesse, Skyler, Trevor, Colin and Chase) have all known each other since they were babies. This was during their motorcycle safari day out, aka Colin's birthday. (Photo by... I'm not sure... My Dad or Byron.)

An early breakfast of chai and chapati on the road to Tarangire. (Photo by Lisa)

Colin rules... And the rest of us get ready for our family photo. (Photo by Jesse)

While attempting to teach me how to use the white balance on my camera, Trevor takes this sweet photo of my Mum :-)

Still in "Instuctor Mode," he snaps this nice one of Jesse-the-Camera-Boy.

Trevor and Byron prepare to leave for an overnight motorcyle safari together. Happy boys, eh? (Photo by Lisa)

Now it's Jesse's turn for an overnight motorcyle safari with his Dad... (Photo by Lisa)

Byron and the boys made their saddle bags. Pretty neato. (Photo by Lisa)

"Girl's Got Curls" or "The Wonder of Sponge Rollers." (Photo by Jesse)

Our new puppy, Tesha. Her full name is Nalotuesha, which is a Maasai name meaning "She came with the rains." It was pouring the day we picked her up. And yes, she's a love. (Photo by Jesse)

We had some great days together. Yep, we did :-)


Rachel said...

Beautiful family, beautiful home - wish I could come spend the afternoon! I am so grateful to know you guys - Rachel

Carrie said...

What a lovely photo journal! I could comment on each photo individually, but the two that caught me most were the African sky and the chapati and chai breakfast. Beautiful! Glad you had some good days together.

gypsymelodies said...

Oh Lisa, these are lovely. So beautiful. I love how each personality comes out in the photos.

Laugh Along With Me said...

Thank you for sharing these! It's nice to simply see "life" going on in the Borden family.
Hugs, Shelley

martyuhler said...

Heather, so cute... beautiful! How come Byro get's to go on all the rides?

Nelly said...

I am flipping out over that photo of beautiful Heather and her curls! I like making that one and the one of Colin being the man really large on the new extra-giant iMac screen.

I really like the name of your new doggie. Sounds like an Iron and Wine song.

Anonymous said...

Oh those are great pictures and bring back the memories of our trip. Thanks for posting them.

Love you, Mom and Dad

Whitney said...

I love these pictures! =)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to send you an e-mail directly but couldn't figure out how. I got your blog site from Kristianne Rogalsky, I go to school with her son Derek in Seattle. This past summer I spent half my summer in Uganda, and consider myself a nurturer. Kristianne told me to read your blog, if I felt so inclined, and I did. I'm glad I did. I miss my time in Africa greatly. I've always been interested in Eastern Africa, but until this summer I hadn't mad it further than Haiti. However, I planned the whole trip independently and then informed my parents. My mom told me that I shouldn't get my hopes up of heading to Uganda and solving their "problems." My response, its not about turning everything around, its about making even one person's life easier for the moments I touch their life. The most amazing thing while there was seeing people with so little and all they ask for is a prayer. Your stories touched me and I will pray for you as I continue to remember my time there.

P.S. Your picture with the caption about "chai and chapati," aahhhh to die for.

Peace and Blessings,
Rebekah Henrich

lisa said...

Thanks, everyone, for enjoying these photos with me.

Marty, Byron gets to go on all the motorcycle safaris because the boys would be a little bored with how slowly their mom rides a motorcycle. We do much tamer things like go out for coffee together :-) I would love the camping part, though...

Rebekah, thanks for your prayers. So happy you made it to East Africa. It's quite an experience. And I agree... chai and chapati-yyyuuummm!

Lacey said...

Sounds to me like you guys had a great Christmas!! I hope that you guys continue the theme into the new year. (And Lisa, I will be remembering you and the rest of the family as your other boys head back states side.) It's difficult to get over the time and space at times. But remember....the only thing between your continentally challenged family is simply time and space. And we know Who controls both time and space.... :0)