Wednesday, March 19, 2008

At Home

It has been a peaceful yet remarkably industrious evening round here.

Heather has spent the after dinner time writing a song. I don't know what she was doing to write this song, but she was plunking away on the electric piano that is staying at our house for a few days and scribbling things on a piece of note paper between plunks. She didn't want to stop her inspiration to brush her teeth, but she did, eventually. I walked her and the Russell twins (who had been doing art things) out to the guest room where they have taken up residence for this time that Peter and Tammy are away. The 3 of them seem very grown up, sleeping away in a room that is not part of the rest of the house.

Colin and Chase have been packing. For months now they have been planning a camping trip of their own. They hope to leave on Saturday and be away for 4 nights. They are 14 and 15. Is this a bad idea? I like hearing them as they browse my kitchen shelves and make their food decisions. So far they are taking instant noodles, oatmeal porridge, granola, peanuts and sun dried tomatoes. An adventure will be good for them. But will it be good for me?

Skyler is sitting in the living room alone now with his guitar. As noted before, I really miss hearing Trevor play so having Sky here this week feels really nice. I've known him since he was running around in nappies. Ha! He's so tall and amazing now. I think every home should have a guitar player to bring those good sounds in.

Byron has fallen fast asleep on top of the covers. He has been running around like a crazy man for several weeks with all his work. I'll have to wake him up so he can go to bed.

And me, I'm looking down at pink toenails on my feet. I almost never paint my toe nails, and certainly not this loud color but on Sunday I was at a tea that I needed to look respectable at and I couldn't think of any other way to make my toenails look clean so I grabbed the only bottle I could find, which was in Heather's room. Now I'm stuck as I'm pretty sure we don't have remover in the house.

So this is a long post about nothing in particular. Just a record of how things are in our house tonight.



Laugh Along With Me said...

Pink toenails are the best!
Hugs, Shelley

Cromwell Ink said...

Lovely, even inspiring entries. I intend to move to Tanzania this year at the invitation of friends that are very excited but their email has been very intermittent and leaves many important questions still unanswered. I will persevere. Thanks for sharing the lovely peace you and your family seem to have found there.
Bruce Cromwell

anaka said...

it´s so inspiring to see God on the normal things of the day...tks for sharing it with us!
Praying for you guys...
Anaka 24-7 Spain

lisa said...

Bruce, I hope you get the info you need for your move!

Shelley, I remember you with blue lipstick at the airport in Amsterdam :-)

Anaka, my love to Spain!