Monday, March 17, 2008


I remember you
Head in the crook of my arm
Little self pressed lightly across me

Now you're here
Head in the crook of my arm
Long self flopped down next to me

You question
And try to explain what you feel

You hurt
And try to put words to it

I feel it too

We stare up into the darkness
Admitting our fears
Exchanging our reasons for frustration
The things we don't like about ourselves

And God rests there with us
In our questions and fears
He talks to us about
The way he sees us

His version is so different
From our own

Journeying with you
Is my great joy


Anonymous said... the poem, speaks my thoughts. My boys never lie in my arms anymore though...
Hi from me and Ro, we miss you.
Love Sophie

lisa said...

Thanks, Sophie. Miss you too.

Anonymous said...

This poem is so sweet. I remember when Jeff was little like that-but I have to dig way, way back in the memory bank.

Sue said...

How sweet the opportunity to give birth to God's gifts. To hold them.....and hold them....and hold them in all their growing, stretching, wonderings, hopes, fears, dissappointments....
god is so very good to give you and I opportunities to be His hands, feet, ears, mouth, eyes, and arms,...
Those people give us many reasons to dance with joy, to cry with pain, to wonder with curiousity, to PRAY with the power given to us by our sweet Jesus.
Your poem is beautifully full of life and love.
Well, off to pick up the cuties...wish you were there so I could give you a hug...loved the ease of seeing you before. :)