Monday, March 24, 2008

Great Reviews for Lisa McKay's Debut Novel

This post is just to convey big congratulations to my friend, Lisa McKay, as her novel, My Hands Came Away Red, continues to soar on positive recognition in the big, bad world of publishing.

I met Lisa in Pasadena last year when a mutual friend turned to us both and said, "Ah, my 2 favorite Lisas!" (Nice one, Scott.) We just kind of "got" each other and that was that.

Anyway, Lisa is a bright one and I am so pleased for her that her debut novel, which only just came out, has already gone to re-print and is now being translated into Dutch and Russian.

My Hands tells the story of a group of teens who take a summer mission trip to Indonesia and get caught up in a tragedy of violence between the Muslim and Christian communities on a small island there.

Well done, Lisa! And would you get over here for a visit already??

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Anonymous said...

I met Lisa McKay and heard her speak at her book signing in Pasadena. She is inspiring in person. I bought her book and I cannot put it down.
Thanks for suggesting I go!
Love, Dore'