Monday, March 24, 2008


Yesterday we spent the afternoon of Easter with friends. We spent a good deal of time cutting fruit and veggies and grilling a variety of meats on the barbie outside. It all tasted wonderful and there was a good celebratory feel in the air which, I think, is what Easter should feel like.

But the best part of the day was our hike. After sending the Peace Corps volunteers, who had to get back to Moshi, off on the bus, we headed up Lucky Lucky. (I'd kind of like to know how the hill got that name.)

It was a little late in the day to start a hike but we were determined. Besides, we had all promised Heather that chocolate treats would be hidden at the top.

The sky was going all pink and gold and the grass was thick, green and wet. The mud was especially sticky and clumped to the bottom of our shoes, giving us chocolate colored platforms to walk on. It was really quite amazing that no one fell on their backsides as we slid and sunk in the wettest parts.

After a hunt for pastel colored surprises that Max hid (and Gina looked for with a distinctly competitive shine in her eyes) we began the slip and slide walk/run back down the hill, trying to beat the darkness home. We thought about the hyena that Max and Gina said they saw not far from there as we made our way through the coffee bushes toward the end of the adventure.

I loved the way the clouds cleared to show us a new covering of snow on Mount Meru. I loved the 360 degree view of a green expanse of Africa. I loved the thick groupings of bright green coffee berries weighing down the branches we moved through. I loved the brisk air and the fact that Heather left her shoes behind accidentally when the mud got too thick. I loved the feel of being with friends as the day came to a close and the tired, happy feeling in my muscles as I climbed into the truck to go home.

Easter is a good holiday. Such a good thing we have to celebrate!


Anonymous said...

Yummy! Thanks for the beautiful writing that takes me right there, back to the motherland. Happy Easter! Love, Jennifer Russell

lisa said...

Hello Jennifer!

I think of you and Michael often-- whenever I listen to the songs Trevor recorded in your studio. Your generosity of time and heart and space and gear and expertise continue to bring me smiles... especially with Trevor so far away.

xx lisa

djcconsulting said...

You write in a way that makes me feel like I took that Easter hike with you!