Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pepi Says, "Please," and We Have Some Incidents

It rained really hard this afternoon. Pepi wanted a sympathy entrance pass.

Sorry, Pepster.

Heather fell out of a tree today. They tell me she was pretty high up when a branch broke. She landed on her back on the cement but doesn't seem to actually be hurt, apart from a little tender in one shoulder when hugged.

Skyler came off of his motorcycle today when he was practicing at the track for the race on Sunday. He didn't get hurt either, though the bike did land upside-down like a bicycle getting ready for a tire change.

Some guys tried to ambush Colin and Chase and steal their bikes on Tuesday but they didn't succeed. In fact, Colin and Chase never even knew what they missed. Their soccer buddies saw it unfolding and chased the would-be ambushers off as Colin and Chase rode away toward home from practice.

I think we've been giving the guardian angels a work-out this week.

I'm thankful for safety.
(I really am.)


Sue said... are so cute,Lisa!
May the guardian angels continue to work overtime protecting your beautiful family. May we all peddle away without worry from things unknown.
May we pay attention to the faithfulness of Jesus, remembering his kindnesses. I like Brennan Mannings words on trust from Ps 103:2

Heather said...

i think u should have let pepster in, mom.

lisa said...

PS to Truby when he stops by:

Hey Trev, can you come back and show me how to us the white balance thing again?

lisa said...
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Anonymous said...

That's amazing. I can see the hand of God in your life just by reading that blog post :D I really enjoy your blogs - thankyou. I hope God continues to bless you!