Monday, March 03, 2008

Real God... Real Life

I got a note from a young friend yesterday. She's someone I love and I love what she's learning.

I quote her anonymously to protect the privilege of being on the receiving end of her open heart...

"... We are all young and learning who God really is. Not Religious God but Out-of-the-Box God who meets everyone where we're at and sees us as his perfect creations. We are the ones that dwell in our guilt of sin and shame, but I'm learning to break free and stop worrying, and to start living and enjoying him. That's what he's been showing us lately--that it's ok to be happy Christians!"

Truth is often simpler than we think. I am thankful for friends who journey with me on this path of pursuing it.

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Sue said...

...sees us as His perfect creations...
This one seems beyond my understanding...or the practice on my part with people before me.
I do believe the prayer to see through His amazing eyes is one my heart needs to cry out to Him more than it presently does.
How we need His beautiful eyes!!

I do believe He wants us to see as He sees, love as He loves, trust the Father as He trusted the Father when He walked His walk here on earth before us.

Oh, how we need the love, grace, mercy, and power He offers so freely. Let us ponder who He is..ponder in our hearts, in our breath...oh how we need Him.