Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Leggy Blondes"

Here they are--the six trekkers as they left yesterday for their 16 day walk across the dessert and into the hills of northern Tanzania and southern Kenya.

From left to right we have: Colin Borden, Chase Russell, Skyler Russell, Trevor Borden, Jonny Pollard and Jesse Borden.

(For those of you who don't know Jonny, he also grew up in Kenya with this group of boys.)

OK, am I nervous that they are off on their own in not-exactly-domesticated country? Yes.
Am I happy for them? Yes.
Will I be relieved when they get home? Yes.
Would I appreciate your prayers for their safety? Yes.
When do we expect them? Around July 5th.

For now, we miss them--our "leggy, leggy, leggy, leggy, leggy, leggy, leggy, leggy blondes."

PS They buzzed their hair for the trek; an initiation ritual that they allowed Jesse to opt out of :-)
PSS The rest of us Bordens and Russells will be away now till next Friday, 27th. Signing off till then...


Darrelle said...

leggy leggy leggy leggy blondes!!!! hahaha

i miss them all too! they are going to have so much fun (i am so jealous).

have fun in zanzibar!

Pam said...

How I miss those boys! And the rest of their families!

Sue said...

Just got home from our camping at Moro Bay with 23 Kleins! Great fun! Wishing you all great travels!!

Nelly said...

I think it is cute that they are all flexing those leggings.

Anonymous said...

Praying for the leggy blondes safe and happy travels!