Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just What We Needed

I could feel myself spiraling last week. I was tired and cold (so grey and miserable in Arusha these days) and, as previously noted, I was too aware that time was rushing on and there was not much give in the weeks ahead before Jesse and Trevor leave again for California and college.

So... We grabbed the opportunity on the weekend to run away together for 2 nights. I had looked at the calendar and noticed that it was the last truly open weekend before their departure so we said, "We're outta here!" It was Friday when we made this decision and we left at 6am on Saturday.

This little camp-out with the 6 of us may well turn out to be the highlight of the summer in terms of our family life.

As we sat around the camp fire on that first night, our conversation turned to Europe. We called Europe home for about 7 years and we've only been based back in Africa for 14 months now. It was really good to laugh and talk about good memories of people, places and events. We grew so much there. It was a priceless season in our lives and it good to talk about what we miss.

It was so life-giving to recall those times together. It's healthy to give recognition and remembrance to seasons and passages of life. I found it particularly healing because I am feeling lonely for the family of friends we shared life with there very acutely right now as I know they're all in Hungary for their annual gathering. Each email from one of them, letting me know we are missed as they come together, brings me twinges of separation and loss pain.

On Sunday we spent about 8 hours hiking up to the source of the Engare Sero River and back again. It was a stunningly beautiful hike up out of the desert sands and into lush gorges and under plunging, thundering waterfalls from springs pouring out of jagged cliffs.

It wasn't entirely easy but we saw no one all day and we worked together, enjoying each other's company, for hours and hours.

Now we've returned to Arusha-town replenished. I am most re-filled spiritually when I am able to be out in Creation. Creation helps me connect with my Creator and I love that.

I'm just so thankful for the tanked-up feeling and fact that we didn't let short notice stop us from getting what we so badly needed.

Thank you, Creator God.

Photos by Jesse and Trevor Borden


Anonymous said...

How beautiful!!!
Gee-you are missed in Europe and in the States. You have dear friends everywhere who love you guys.
Blessings and love, Dore'

Whitney said...

I really relate to what you said about getting most re-filled spiritually when you're able to be out in Creation because it helps you connect with the Creator. I feel the same way...which makes it hard sometimes to live in the city of Chicago!


Whitney =)

Amy said...

Hi Lisa, I am a regular reader of "Let's Put the Kettle On"...after being sent to your site from my good friend Jen Powell (who is back in Hungary for the conference you mentioned in this post). I am fascinated, entertained, and challenged by all my missionary "friends" lives as I sit here in Oregon raising my three little kids in the suburbs of a big city. I often long for the life you write about here, and hope to wander the world with my kiddos when they get a little older (and easier!). Thank you for the constant source of encouragement.

lisa said...

Amy, nice to meet you.

I think it's wonderful that you are in Oregon raising your kids in the suburbs of a big city. That city needs your salt and light. I'm happy that you are encouraged in some way--or just entertained ;-) -- by what you read here.


Carrie said...

Sounds like a lovely time! My friends are the Bustrums.
bustrum5.blogspot.com (Tea Time)
murtsb.blogspot.com (Hot Coffee)
Blessings on all you guys!

Baba said...

miss you too...

Shelley said...

Very sweet post and once again I'm blown away by the photos...you're hiking around Africa. How cool is that? I'm so jealous...we have to come visit!
I've been thinking about CAI friends this week too. Our time was short, but so very sweet.
I miss you.

lisa said...

Miss you, too, Shelley. Come on over here for a visit.