Thursday, September 04, 2008

And This is How i Know...

That I married the right man:

Because while the overwhelm was trying to overwhelm me this morning, he slipped into the kitchen and made us all a big pan of scrambled eggs with green onions and potatoes mixed in.

And when I cried after breakfast and told him I was disappointed that we didn't have a better school situation for the kids, he told me how great the kids are and how great they are doing and how maybe God knows a thing or two.

And when I asked him what God might possibly know about what was best for my kids, he laughed (and didn't worry that maybe I had lost my faith.)

And rather than wait for tomorrow to catch up with us and shock us with the list of things that aren't yet done, he seasoned all the ground beef and got it ready tonight for tomorrow's BBQ burger thing that we're bringing the meat to.

And THEN, because he realized the celery he had been so excited to find was about to fade, he made a big batch of Mrs. Lucia's Italian chicken stuff for our dinner and we had enough to freeze for some other night too. (All this while still putting in a day's work.)

And Heather said, "Mom, you never cook anymore!"

And Colin said, "She cooks all the time."

And I said, "I married the right man."

Life looks so much better from the vantage point of tonight.

(And home school was actually just fine today.)


dana said...

dear, sweet Lisa...

you SO married the right man...I mean, is there any questions???

and thoughts of calm as you brave home are giving those younger two just what they need...

I teach now, each day (and my students, this year, are angelic and delightful) as do you...blessings and wisdom to us both!

lisa said...

We can send each other peaceful thoughts as we care for our students. Pretty sure I'm the one being a complainer and you're the one with the much more demanding job!

And PS No, there really isn't any question :-)

Anonymous said... did marry the right man!!!!!
love, Dore'

Nelly said...

heather and colin's response about your cooking was my favorite part. i love this family.