Thursday, September 04, 2008

Opening Day

First day back into the home school routine.

I wake up with a kind of dread that threatens to press me down into a little grey hole.

It's just that I don't quite like the system the way it is.

Maybe I am too easily pushed over this edge.

I should have a little more traction on this slope toward discouragement.

I know so many families here who would envy our set up and would think that what we have is gold.



Nelson2005 said...

I'm there as well.
I know in my head it's the right choice for our family at present; there aren't any other options that we can afford to consider.
Yet . . .

lisa said...

It's a lot of work but I do see the good things about it. I just need to fall apart about it from time to time.

mbick said...

I really like your turn of a phrase "a little more traction on this slope toward discouragement."

I enjoy reading your blog.

And I will hold you and yours up in prayer this week. (I think I backtracked a bit on your blog to leave this.)