Sunday, October 12, 2008

Skinny Band becomes No Band (but we escape to the beach)

We've had no internet for most of the last week. That lovely broad band (which we call skinny band as it can't do a whole lot at a time or with much speed) disappeared altogether.

I'm telling you, it just makes me grind my teeth when I have a pile up of work that needs done and needs done on line.

Big sigh. Cleansing breath. Patience. Oh yes, didn't I just say it was a good virtue to grow?

On a happier note, we had an unexpected 3 day trip to the Indian Ocean with friends. Picture us with sand between our toes, too much sun on our nose, (which should be noses but that doesn't rhyme,) salty hair and much pleasure taken in the warm air, warm water and warm friendship.


Darrelleeee said...

looks so pretty!!! greetings and much love!

Sue said...

Yippee for beach trip in the sun for your cute noses and toeses!!

The windy Pasadens skies are clear of the smog for now. Crisp and brilliant mountains standing outlined in all their beauty!

Hugs to you! :)

lisa said...

And love to you, DGood :-)

Hi Sue, I love those clear fall days in Pasadena. Hugs back.

skinny said...

its just a great name for a band!

lisa said...

Indeed it is!