Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day in Review (the Grand Mother)

We had a lovely Mother's Day lunch at Playa Azul in Santa Barbara. Sadly, we didn't get a photo of the whole group, which included my sweet parents and Annie. But here we have 8 Bordens--the 6 of us plus Grandpa and Byron's sister, Bev.

And here we have my mom, (aka "mum" since she's Canadian.)

I was thinking about how great my mom is the other day. As is the habit of some of us Bordens, Jesse and Trevor were a bit behind schedule on getting the airline tickets they need for Washington last week. Their mom, ( that's me) offered to help.

Soon I got stressed out about the tickets. That's when the Big Kahuna stepped in. (That would be Mum.) She found that they had enough miles to get cheap tickets to Seattle and she secured those tickets lickety split.

I thought about that little chain of offspring that kept turning to their moms and how the Top Mom saved the day with great tickets. And I thought about the term "Grandmother." She's the GRAND MOTHER because she's the best mom. She pretty much rocks the whole wide world ;-)


sue said...

Yes, she does! Never want to be without mine, but when that day comes, will God have given me the strength, wisdom, love, "free miles" to offer, ....REALLY all that I will need to be the GRAND mom?
Lord, have mercy on me now! Melt, mold, whisper loudly in my ears and cause me to fall on my knees and accept his hand of guidance along the way. A journey I feel privileged to be on with five of my own! We love your MUM, Lisa!

Anonymous said...

So glad Oscar and Bev could join you and glad to see the pic. Is Bev in AZ now? Praying for safety for you in return. Great memories to return with. God Bless you
Darlene Detwiler

Anonymous said...

Your Mum can do anything!
She's a genius-no kidding. I've seen her in action.

Anonymous said...

Love love love seeing the family together. Tupo pamoja. Well not actually until the 23rd, but who's counting??!! Okay, maybe I am :) Miss you all more than you know...

from Furaha

africadreamin said...

Thank you for the many trips down memory lane. We lived on Gelia mountain and did our shopping in Arusha. We are praying for the time to return but for now, enjoy the reminders of "home". Thank you also for the picture of "Grandpa". Your husband's parents came to Kenya when I was a baby and then as an adult, we were friends in Colorado and I visited them in Flordia. I loved the time I spent with them. Thank you for the opportunity to relive those memories also. Blessings to you. May God guide and watch over each step of your journey. Joy DeLisle Plummer

Carolyn said...

Hey, Lisa! Not surprising your mom did this, since she was the great travel agent for a time......but, she is still a great mom! (Even tho I haven't seen her in.....a long time!) But, she looks great. Tell her "hello" from one Carolyn to another! :-) And, thanks for letting me stay at her great house from time to time.