Friday, July 31, 2009

I Talk

One thing I've figured out from all this time alone while the rest of the family is out hosting volunteers in "the bush" is that I talk to myself. A lot.

I mean, I knew that I occasionally commented out loud when no one was around, but having this much time in solitude has caused me to realize that I do it more than just a little.

Now, I'm not totally by myself since Josephine and Eva are in the kitchen 5 days a week working on the dry fruit project. But I am at my desk in my bedroom most of that time being a very disciplined little lady. They head home around 4p.m.

I wonder, does this go back to being a mom to babies? I mean, I always talked to my babies even when they couldn't possibly respond. All mamas do that. And once that first baby came along 22 years ago, I've never really been alone again since. I've pretty much been in a group with family and we've all been talking constantly for over 2 decades now!

So maybe it's just normal to keep on talking even when they are all away. It's pretty engrained in me now to speak out loud, don't you think?

And I don't just talk to myself. I talk to the dogs and to the goldfish as well.

Does that make me sound a little more balanced? (I'm kinda doubting it.)


Jenelle said...

You are so balanced. I mean look at you, you could write "olleh" so perfectly so that your Mac could capture it looking so normal.

lisa said...

That was tricky. Dang, I'm good! ;-)

Carrie said...

I love it!


You make me smile!

Sarah said...

Lisa - this make me feel better. I not only talk to my dog, I sing to it. As my kids have grown, they no longer desire Mom to sing them "You Are My Sunshine" . . . :(
Keep on talking to yourself - maybe those self-conversations could be the basis for your next book.

lisa said...

Oh I was NOT going to admit that I sing to the dogs as well!

And "You are my sunshine" ?? That was the first song I ever heard Heather sing. She just piped up and sang it one night when I was singing it to her and I was so shocked. I don't think I've sung that one to the dogs yet!


Tehur said...

I talk to myself too Lisa, all the time. At work, at home, the other day I was having quite the argument with myself at 2 in the morning I think my housemate thought I was going insane:) I love it, it's so liberating:P hehehe.Love you!

lisa said...

Tehur, I'm in good company then!

But you also sing with your headphones on, like, say, on the shuttle to Nairobi or something ;-)


sifluralin said...

Lisa, I love you so much!

I thought about you and this post today for a couple hours while I was chopping wood (and talking to myself a lot--"come on baby," "oh, this is a hard one," etc).

And what a great little story about Dr. Delaney

You are beloved and beautiful, and I send love and peace to your family.