Sunday, August 16, 2009


he sits on the floor
damp dreads falling over his shoulders

the house is full, busy
but there is a (relative)
quiet in my room

do you want to hear some of my poems?
he says
(notebook resting in anticipation on his lap)

let's see..
do i want to hear some of your poems?

are you kidding?

how often does a mama get that
from her little boy,
the child,
a man,
her friend?

yes, boy,
i want to hear some of your poems


Carrie said...

And I am certain that those poems were lovely and deeply touching. Precious moment.

Sue said...

Lovely for you and the relative! :) Precious is the sharing!!

Darrelle Good said...

mmm i miss him! love this lisa.

DorRae said...

why is this making me cry? really, I am crying but I'm not sure why? i feel so much love through your family and writings, thank you for sharing

Misty said...

beautiful, can picture the moment, thank you M x