Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Solitude

It's Sunday morning and I am thankful for the quiet.
It was a week too full of busy.

Byron left before dawn on a motorcycle ride with friends and Heather is spending the day in one of the game parks with other friends. Her lift arrived a few minutes early and things deteriorated into something less than calm as I insisted she finish her breakfast while she insisted on running for departure. I made her go back and eat and also subjected her to me smearing sunscreen on her face. Samson the Ridiculous (one of our dogs) ran out the gate as Heather finally left and she was sure he wouldn't return if she herself didn't go after him. This resulted in me yelling, "GET IN THE CAR! GET IN THE CAR! I'LL GET THE DOG! I'LL GET THE DOG!"

What happened to, "Bye! Have a great time! I love you!" ?

Now I sit on the porch with my cup of tea and mentally excuse the list of Should Do's from my mind.

I embrace the stillness, the quiet, the calm.

I have the Psalms of David to feed me and I say "Welcome!" to this Sabbath.


Heather said...

Good Sabbath to you!

Pellava Smith said...

Sabbath Shalom Lisa! :)


love you!

Diane said...

Nice to know you have normal send offs like we do too.

Anonymous said...

My Saturday this past week was much the same... wild crazy, wonderful week following my return from the States, but when Saturday came and the house cleared out... ahhhh, the beauty of silence, rest, sweet communion, restoration... balance. Sending you a warm hug, though a real one with a chat over tea would be much preferred!
~Maureen <3

africadreamin said...

Hi Lisa, We have never met, but Byrun and I were kids together while our parents were in Kenya. He was much older but his mom gave my younger brother baby clothes she had brought. I then was good friends with his parents in Colorado, as an adult. Since then my family served as missionaries to the Maasai with Church of God. We came back to the states due to my son's health which is now good. My children, Claire is 13 and Seth is 15 and I know that God is calling us to now return to East Africa. We are looking for options as to where to go. We loved our work with the Maasai but are also open to other options. We also worked in the Babati area. I felt I should contact you to see if you had suggestions of areas of need or options you might know. I am a pastor and a teacher and currently directing a compassionate ministry here.

Thank you also for your blogs. They remind me of the blessings and challenges of life in Tanzania. A place we love.

Blessings to you,
Joy DeLisle Plummer

Carolyn said...

Ahhhh, Lisa, this sounds like my last week at work! Only instead of a daughter and dog, I have 5 moms and a dozen kids! I've been seeking stillness also, but don't seem to find it much. A welcome thing, definitely. Glad you found some! Which psalms helped the most?

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!