Sunday, August 01, 2010


My dad was here with us for a week. He makes us laugh when he says, "Well, I'll be in Nairobi and I could come down but I don't want to be a bother or in the way." A bother? In the way? He's usually in LA, for goodness sake! It wouldn't matter WHAT we had going on, if my dad turned up in Kenya, we'd definitely be inviting him down to Arusha!

What a joy to have him join us on the last leg of a camping trip with a visiting team. What a pleasure to hear him share some stories around the campfire. His bottom line? God is good. I loved that everyone, age 11 to 50, sat in rapt attention, soaking it up. And I loved that each of us just enjoyed his company so.

Thanks for coming down, Dad! Thanks for enduring the extra days at home alone without him, Mom!

Photo at top: Grandpa Denny and his Borden grandkids :-)


Brooke Collier said...

hooray! what a wonderful surprise visitor!

Brian said...

Your dad is one of my heroes and I do not even know him (only met him once, briefly, in The Hague. But I heard so much about him from Bobby Clinton over the years and I feel like I know him. Weird, eh? It's encouraging to hear someone who has such a great relationship with their dad. Thanks, Lisa.

e.m.w. said...

i got a little teared up reading this!! I love Grandpa Denny and those Borden children are so big and grown and I miss you guys a lot. Hugs all around*

Carla said...

What a gorgeous photo! Hope you're having a great time together.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sweet Lisa and Family Borden, whom we all love. What exquisite joy to be with you all. THANKS Lord for family, truly one of your most generous gifts to us. Dad

lisa said...

Brian, I remember that time in The Hague. Man! That was a long time ago. And he's a hero of mine too :-)

Elise, we hug you back!