Friday, August 06, 2010

Filling In

I attended a special dinner last night to celebrate the upcoming marriage of our sweet friends, Tait and Hunter. Byron was unable to be there :( His baby boy, Jesse, subbed in nicely. What mama would mind being escorted by one of her sons?

Ian says Jesse cleans up well. (Agreed.)

Thanks for being such a nice date, JB. And thanks for the cause to celebrate, T&H!


Katie said...

you guys are sexy....yup I said it.

Sue said...

Two amazing people! We love and miss you all. Em especially says hi to Heather :)

Carrie said...

Beautiful! Also, I thought of all of you many times as I spent a couple days in Santa Barbara with fellow RVA grads. They were happy thoughts accompanied with prayers for you all.

lisa said...

Yea, Katie! Way to call it ;-)

Dear Sue, we love and miss you all too! Heath sends love to Em.

Carrie! How nice that you were in SB. Were you just visiting for the fun of it or was it a reunion planned there?