Friday, July 23, 2010


It's just that I wasn't expecting it
In my gauzy mesh tent
With the warm breeze blowing through

I wasn't thinking of anything but
You know, rolling over in the night
Finding a new comfy spot

But I happened to open my eyes
And, oh!

The thin black lace of tangled thorn tree
Held back a vibrant sky
So heavy and bright it startled me

Breathless and suddenly awake
All I could feel was
Thank you


Emily Faith said...

you inspire me!!!

lisa said...

Thanks, Em!

Sue said...

silly me! our first night out backpacking on the Pacific Crest Trail recently I, too, caught a glimpse of the amazing night of stars during my sleeping hours, but only found myself quickly stumbling back to my sleeping bag after helping another young camper get to the bathroom of the wild. It was when I turned off the flashlight that I saw the sky painted in white dazzling stars. So beautifully placed and deserving to be appreciated, but I thought of the bears we had hidden our food from and ignored the chance to gaze. Don't even think I said thanks. I regretted it in the morning especially when the moon's presence the other nights kept out that one glimpse I was given the 1st night.
Happy to hear of your breathless joy. :)