Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a few of you, so far away

if i could choose
i would not be this far
from you

the way your eyes light
and your laugh
spills out

there are days
when it makes sense
some how

the long flights
the enormous cost
the loss

i'm afraid, though, that
today is not among
those days


Carla said...

I love your poetry Lisa, it's beautiful. Thank you for sharing it xc

lisa said...

Oh, thank you! (And you're welcome.)

Tina from Porto said...

Thanks for sharing Lisa, I know exactly how you feel with those words.

Love to you all

Tina xxx

Carolyn said...

This is why I like the internet & facebook; all my far away friends (like you) don't feel so far away.....at least, not as much. I know you're still real when I can see your face!

Anonymous said...

Love you, Lisa!
xoxo, Dore'

sue said...

so far away rarely feels what my heart wants