Wednesday, February 02, 2011

These are the Days as They Unfold

I find it a wee bit alarming if many days go by and
In them I never feel an urge to write.
I look at myself and wonder if I'm ok.

(Maybe I need to take my temperature.)

It's not that I'm a great writer.
But I am a writer, after all.

(And maybe before all. I don't know.)

So let me just tell you this--
The days have been weighted with a
Still humidity that is not my favorite.

And yet I have no good reason to complain.

I saw the Variable Sunbird,
Sleek and flirtatious in his bold/shy approach.
He comes so close and I, I just hold my breath.

I watched as all the greens outdid themselves,
Shimmering so in morning sun,
And smiled at sleepy dogs collapsed handsomely at my feet.

I answered mails and did chores
That had long fussed at me (tisk tisk)
From inbox and carefully ignored corners.

And last night I held my daughter's hand
As she fevered in her restless sleep.
Of all my work, it seemed the simplest and greatest to be done.


Tina from Porto said...

Great writing, keep it up, you are an inspiration to me, thank you for everything. Love to you all xxx

Alisa Wright said...

Beautiful, Lisa! You give me a gift in your writing! Hope Heather is feeling better.~oxo

Anonymous said...

Aaaah... love it!

lisa said...

Oh, thank you, you three! xxx :-)

sue said...

Yes, keep writing. Your poetry sends us out of the ordinary.
Sweet Heather, healing to your body.

dana said...

I love you so much...

your words are a balm and a blessing for all of my weary moments...


oh how i love this! thank you!!!!!!

Ruth said...

I love this poem and understand your longing when loved ones are far away. I thought of you last night when we went to see Brian at the Grand Opera House. Fab gig! Thanks for the heads up on ths poets.

jb said...

mama... WRITE WRITE WRITE! it is so beautiful. i love you and miss you and can't wait till you are here :-)

lisa said...

Thanks, Jesse. It's nice to be able to say "See you soon!" Soon-ish. Very soon, when you consider the miles between. xo