Monday, November 14, 2011


I lit a candle today
not in a church

I lit a candle today
on the shelf in my hall

to say
I remember

I remember that
you were due today

25 years ago
you were due

I wasn't trying to be

I lit a candle today

because it felt right
to think of you

we made it ten weeks
the two of us

and then you were gone

I lit a candle today
because you're somewhere

and you're holding
a little piece of my heart

-lisa, 14 November, 2011


DrsMyhre said...

Dear Lisa,
Thank you for this post. I don't remember the dates anymore, but I think about the three babies we lost at the end of the first trimester (a girl, then twins) very regularly. One never fully gets over that. It is a lonely grief, and your single candle pictures that very well. J

lisa said...

Thanks for your response. Grief, even from a distance, is something precious to share. I appreciate you and all you're doing. lisa

Anonymous said...

I know many of us can identify with that. Beautifully expressed...
Thanks Lisa x
Nina (N Ireland)

Sue said...

I dearly would love to know one more Borden that is holding a little piece of your heart. You are dear to share.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so sweet. Wonder who he or she was?


lisa said...

Thanks Nina, Sue and Mum.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said and deeply felt, Lisa.

Love Muchly,

L said...

We found out that we lost our little one on 12 Nov and he was born 20 Nov, two years ago now. May I reprint part of this on my blog?

lisa said...

L- I'm so sorry for your loss :( You're welcome to use my poem on your blog. I'd love to see your blog but I can't seem to find it. Warmly, lisa

Anonymous said...

for me, it has only been a bit over one year. i suspect that even after 25 i'll still stop to think of her on what would have been her birthday. thank you.