Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Learning to Fly (a poem from New Year's Eve)

Last year
we waded waist-deep
through a dark and shining sky

In the blackness
diamond stars spilled out
in every direction
the contents of some
cosmic jeweler's pockets
casually thrown

The year before us
seemed fragile
a terribly delicate thing

But that night
we walked through
wave after wave of goodness

And I thought oh
this must be how it feels to be steeped
in grace

we plunged headlong
into the wind

Moonless and cloudy
the stars hung in clusters
on patches of empty sky
dark portals
from which the blackness shone
brilliant as the light

The year behind had
pushed me down
bending my slender shoulders

But tonight
warmth rushed wildly
over and around us

And I thought yes
this must be how it feels
to fly

-lisa, some time in the first wee hours of 2012


Anonymous said...

Love it!!!

Beverly said...

You paint the most beautiful pictures with your words Lisa. Thank you for sharing this.

sue said...

How refreshing to open up my computer and find such loveliness flowing from your poetry.
Again, I say thank you.

Baba said...

hug from afar

lisa said...

Hugs back! Much tooooooooooo far! Miss and love you! xo

Lori said...

The stars & moon of the night sky bring hope for tomorrow... Thank you for sharing such beautiful thoughts!