Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hello, Africa.

I woke up yesterday to no internet.  That's not entirely unusual in Tanzania.  It happens fairly frequently and it's usually rectified relatively quickly.  I didn't panic.

Throughout the course of the day, I noticed the phone service was up to some of its usual antics.  Messages would apparently send yet not be received without a long delay of up to several hours.  Phone calls would cut off.  Service would be unavailable.  I was able to get several calls through to my internet provider, though, only to hear that there was a major issue going on that had large parts of town off the net.  I still didn't panic.

There was plenty to do around the house.  Having arrived from the States late on Thursday night and departed again at 4am on Saturday to drive to Nairobi, half unpacked bags needed tending to.  Laundry needed to be done.  Groceries needed to be purchased.  With an outbox full of pending mails, I turned my attention to the non-internet-related work and drew up a shopping list.  Sunscreen on, new prescription shades in purse, I grabbed baskets and headed for the car.  I was off!

Feeling efficient and ahead of schedule, I prepared to pull out.  All was well, right up until I discovered our gates couldn't be opened.  They were firmly padlocked shut.  Until I needed to drive out, none of us as noticed because the pedestrian gate was functioning as normal.  Our night guard padlocks the gate every night once he knows we're in for the evening.  He unlocks it again before he leaves in the wee hours.  Usually, that is. He'd just forgotten to this day and he'd gone home with the key, to boot.  Also, I didn't have a number for him because he's new and I've just changed phones etc.  The car was locked in and that was that.

Still, I resisted melt-down.  I felt a little annoyed but, you know, life is about having flexible plans and an adaptable attitude.  I was ok.  Truly.

Till about 5pm.  At about 5pm I started trying to reach Byron in the States.  He wasn't picking up.    Trevor didn't pick up either and Jesse didn't text back.  I knew they were all together, but they were apparently NOT with their phones.

I paced.  I wrung my hands.  I fiddled with little chores.  I really, REALLY wanted to hear from them.

Finally, I got through and my frustration at the day got through with me.  Byron let me vent.  Then I apologized for the rant and we spent some nice minutes catching up.  Pulse returned to normal.  It was all good.

The TIA (A.K.A. "This is Africa") factors weighed in heavily yesterday but, after said rant, they just made me laugh.  Seriously, what would be the point of doing anything else?

So, hello, Africa!  It's nice to see you again, too.

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sue said...

I must say, I am jealous of Africa having you today.