Monday, August 06, 2012

Music Discussion

(A conversation with Heather, who is 13, over lunch, which was good.)

Heather: (From out of the clear blue.) I don't like Bob Dylan. I'm just gonna say it.
Me: (Conceding.) There's a lot there not to like-his voice for starters.
Heather: (Relieved and empowered.)  Exactly! I don't understand how he got so famous with such a bad voice.
Me: Well, it was the time in history and what he was saying. It was his values and his music style. It wasn't necessarily about his voice. (Referencing a certain scene in 'School of Rock', I go on.)  
He was singing against, you know, "the man," and against war and politics and the status quo.
Heather: (Understanding the reference.) But still! His voice is terrible.
Me: (Countering.) Well, he hits his notes.
Heather: (After a brief pause.) I don't think he hits his notes! It's like...(She makes a noise I don't know how to reproduce.)
Me: (After a brief pause, challenging.) What about Bon Iver's voice?
Heather: Bon Iver has a nice voice! Have you heard it? It's probably all affected by computer on his albums but his normal voice is nice. But I like his affected voice. It's not natural.
Me: (A little confused.)  Hhmmmm...


Roy said...

Lisa, just had to share this story with you, which landed in my box seconds after reading this post:

lisa said...

Great timing and good article! Thanks, Roy.

Nina said...

So funny! The logic of a teenager!!