Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Still Life

A long quiet month.
Not for lack of things to ponder.  For an excess of things, actually.
An excess of big, chunky things that just needed hush.

When I was a girl, I loved to stand in the pulling tide.
First the water rushed-- pushing, pushing.
Suddenly, it could push no more.

There, at its height, everything went still for the skinniest slice of a very slim second.

With the reversal, my bare feet were unable to hold their ground.
Upright, yes.  But the ground beneath me ripped away, leaving little hollows in the places where my feet fell.

There are two departures coming up.
Certain as ebb and flood, I am unable to cause them not to happen.

Perhaps this last month has been lived in that shaving of time when water can neither advance nor fall away.

(I suppose that would be why I've found myself unable to speak or move.)

-lisa, 31 July, 2012


Carolyn said...

Love, love, love. I remember spending time with you at the beach in SB. Always stuff to see, to learn from it. I was just thinking of those days the other day.....thanks for another reminder!

lisa said...

Thanks Carolyn. Mmmmm, yes. Those were sweet times :-)

Denise Ferguson said...

Been thinking about you a lot this summer knowing the good byes that are looming and the wedding upcoming and wondering how you are doing with all these changes."'ve expressed it well...growing up is always so hard for parents...waiting to see how God will fill up this next phase! <3

JB said...

oh mama! i miss you. maybe you can call and skype with me as time goes on and these big things happen.

lisa said...

Thanks, Denise and Jesse. So much to process... It's wonderful that the wedding is a good and beautiful thing to look forward to :)