Monday, January 21, 2013

December 9th

And I would like to think that I can capture that day
the cold bright air
steeped in light

We had worked hard, and played some
grilled, feasted
thrown our weight into it
and laughed

(How we laughed)

The empty meadow under heavy oak
spread her lacy welcome
freshly green and
magnificently tender

And while we could not add to her beauty
we brought small gifts
fresh flowers and our own
bonny faces

But more than that
we brought our love
to surround, yes, embrace
to stand with you

The meadow said--
"This is the place!"

You declared--
"She is my love!"

Radiant, she confessed--
"As he is mine."

And then, most truly
it was time
to dance

Love is better
than all else
and yours is deep and fine
and true

And I was unspeakably proud
of all that was there
the simple and most perfect beauty
the host of most remarkable friends

We danced our joy
Danced our blessing
Danced our wordless, whirling

Your lives together from now on--
This, O this,
yes this, is simply

-lisa, 21 January 2013


Mama Mpira said...

Absolutely wonderful, Lisa.

lisa said...

Thank you, Angie. xo