Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Unexpected Gifts

Looking across the farm to the National Forest.
Some gifts come as a complete surprise... Being asked if we'd like to rent a house on a farm, for instance.  "Yes. Yes, please."  So we've moved about 30 minutes out of town.  We wake up every morning and can't believe we're still here :)  "Oh!  It wasn't a dream!"

This is a gift we'll embrace for as long as we have the opportunity allows.  Our work carries on.  Byron is busier than ever.  But we begin and close each day with a sense of awe.  There's refreshment every  morning and gratefulness every night.

This view greets us daily.  Totally nuts, I know.

My walks include lots of pausing to notice :)

These are scattered around instead of urban rubbish.

"Thankful" doesn't even begin to describe it.

Coffee and Jacarandas :)

I'm still a little too stunned to find good words.  Sometimes gratitude quiets us.  But words will come.  (I'm sure of it.)  For now, know we are smiling.


DrsMyhre said...

Lovely and so happy for you. And secretly wishing for a visit.

lisa said...

Not so secretly hoping the same! Karibuni. It will have to be next year some time as we're about to head to the States for another son's wedding :)