Friday, December 13, 2013

Thoughts for Advent: Day Thirteen

A Poem for Day Thirteen

Home is a feeling
that can elude me

I wake in this house I love
Love her people
her spacious grace

Only to find myself
missing somewhere else

And when I'm there
I miss here

The practice of thanks
brings me back
Settles me kindly 
where I am

And I am grateful

Not only for 
places of shelter
But for the longing
in between

Surely you
who weave all together
for certain good

Surely you
are speaking 
this quiet 
wondering morning

This is truly why you came
That I might find
my home
is you

-lisa, 13 December, 2013


Christy said...

Thank you. A very specific word for today.

Sharon said...

Thank you Lisa. I love the way you have worded something I often feel, and continue to learn.

claire aufhammer said...

I love this. The longing for one while in the other; it's not a bad thing. God is in both. And he's our home. Thanks for this reminder. It was needed. x

spain dad said...