Tuesday, February 03, 2015

To lift my eyes...

I'm not gonna lie, Africa can wear me right out.  See Exhibit A above, "The Road to Our House."

I'm not very good at remembering this, but it does dawn on me occasionally that I do actually get to choose where my eyes focus.

Here are five good things from the last few days...

1.  I watched two Muslim women share their sandwiches with a Catholic Sister on the 6 hour bus trip to Nairobi.

2.  I saw the setting moon hanging heavily over hills that would soon be lit by morning.  The moonlight cast shadows on my 5am bedroom floor.

3.  The crazy washed out bridge at the bottom of the long hill that connects us to the road to town HAS BEEN REPAIRED, AND a grader has been dealing with the other horrible bits on our way home.

4.  I bought a great big box of fresh produce, (bright, juicy mangos, tangy passion fruit and much more,) for a very reasonable price, and shared motherhood tales with the slender young mama whose veggie stand I frequent.

5.  Yesterday I enjoyed a long and pleasant lunch with someone who has prayed for us for going on thirty years.  We had never, ever met before.  Imagine!


Márcia Luz said...

Dear Lisa, your live in it's simplicity is really an inspiration to me. I guess that's what happens when you follow your purpose. Would love to visit you some day. Until then many simple everyday blessings*

Maureen Hurst said...

Feeling quite worn out in my neck of the Portuguese countryside as well these past weeks... choosing along with you to focus on the beautiful, the kind, the positive, the life-giving. Lots of love, grace & renewed strength for the journey, my beautiful friend.